BeMeals – It’s not a vending machine. It’s a 5-star restaurant!

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BeMeals is a team of award-winning chefs, certified nutritionists, and experienced techies. Employee wellness is our mission and we make it easy for companies to offer healthy eating options that people love. Our connected smart freezers are filled with everything you can’t find in a vending machine â€“ stuff like flavor, freshness, and nutrition. When you have one in your office, your employees can enjoy gourmet meals on demand. It’s every bit as good as it sounds.


Each meal is designed and curated by an award-winning chef, using wholesome ingredients selected by certified nutritionists.


Let us handle UPS delivery and inventory management – you just enjoy the food.

Point of Sale

We provide the equipment. If you have space for a vending machine, you’ll have space for a BeMeals smart freezer.

Get Smart

BeMeals helps employers offer more exciting corporate benefits packages and our menu can be incorporated into any employee wellness program.


Don’t live in the past! Get a BeMeals smart freezer in your office and get premium chef-made meals on demand 🙂

Adriano Meirinho located at , Brasil, São Paulo . Reviewed by leitores rated: 1 / 5
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